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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

No Pressure Experience 
You will not find any pushy sales people here! We are a family owned and operated business that believes in communication, integrity and honesty. We will speak to you in a friendly, respectful and professional manner. We know that for you to trust a business you should feel heard. We will communicate what we find in a thorough inspection and explain so that you can understand and make an informed choice. Questions are welcome.


Sometimes your car will fail, and thus auto repair is necessary.  We’re big proponents of proper maintenance and service. Maintaining a car can be compared to caring for the health of our own bodies.  Sometimes our bodies break down and need repair, other times routine care and preventative maintenance can be the best prescription


When you are having an issue with your car, the last thing you want is for someone to throw parts at it and waste your money. Our technicians are ASE certified and use the latest technology to determine the cause of your issue, so we can repair it correctly the first time. We know that you work hard for your money, and we want to make sure you don’t spend any more than you need to!

Services We Offer!

  • Engine/Electrical Diagnostic

  • Hybrid Service

  • Engine Repair and Maintenance

  • Tune-Ups

  • Oil Changes

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Tire Repair

  • Tire Replacements (New, some used tires are in stock)

  • Axles

  • Brakes 

  • Shocks/Strut

  • Complete Vehicle Diagnostic Programming

  • Electrical Diagnostics

  • A/C Service

  • ABS Light

  • Check Engine Light

  • Transmission Rebuilding

  • Engine Swaps/Replacement

  • Exhaust (Catalytic Replacement or Exhaust Leak Repair) 

  • Traction Control or VSC Repair and/or Diagnostic

Not all services may be listed, to verify a repair please call us at 410 836-2500

Call us: 410-836-2500
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